Why and what is REVO for ?

Why and what is REVO for ?, Interests, goals, working…

Revo Prosperidad Sostenible’s (revo Sustainable Prosperity) members are interested in the debate and reflection on the economic/financial model and its consequences on equality, sustainability and well-being.

We are worried about the local and global situation: the data on debt, unemployment, precariousness, the risk of social exclusion and, ultimately, the increase in social inequality.

We are worried about the environmental imbalance and the climate change that our economic model is causing.

We observe how our civilization lives a continuous contradiction between the promotion of an indefinite growth and the failed attempt to stop the impact that this economic growth itself generates on the planet.

We realize that, the radical and urgent changes in production systems and consumption of materials and energy that could minimize the climate and environmental crisis we are experiencing, have not been taken into consideration in the political agenda.

For these reasons, we decided to create our association revo Prosperidad Sostenible as a space for reflection, proposal and action, which aims to build and influence our society and políticians to make an economic, social and ecological alternative model, which gives solutions to improve the social equity and well-being, at the same time guaranteeing the preservation of the planet.

The goal of revo Prosperidad Sostenible is to contribute to finding alternatives to the current economic model, promoting the following objectives:

  • Abandoning the paradigm of economic growth without limits. Pursuing equality and social and environmental justice.
  • Considering the measures to guarantee subsistence, the eradication of poverty and a good life for all people.
  • Proposing alternatives to solve the problem of unemployment and to obtain a better distribution between the genres of productive and reproductive works.
  • Pursuing the environmental balance and the saving of natural resources.
  • Promoting a new energy model that allows self-sufficiency and the abandonment of the use of fossil fuels.
  • Undertaking the challenge of dealing with climate change effectively.
  • Promoting the production of food km. 0, reducing the environmental footprint.
  • Promoting the democratization of the economic system, the collaborative economy, social solidarity and the economy towards the common good.
  • Studying alternatives and improvements to the current monetary and fiscal policy that drives the local economy and that discourages financing, the existence of tax havens and indefinite economic growth.
  • Proposing alternatives to the current model in the fields of fiscal policy, renewable energies and energy use, the system of unconditional rents, monetary systems, labour relations and the reduction of working hours, among others.
  • Defining an alternative model of prosperity and human progress to the current economic model, taking advantage of the possibilities of using new tools and new forms of social relationship. Denouncing the ecologically unfair trade with other countries.

Main working lines currently: Energy/Mobility Climate change / Carbon taxation Work / Basic Income Monetary / Financial System

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